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Bungee Jumping in Nevada


Bungee Jumping, also spelled bungy jumping, is the sport of jumping from a tall structure while connected to a bungee elastic cord. The most common structures used are bridges, cranes and buildings. The structure doesn't have to be a fixed object as jumping from moveable objects such as helicopters and hot air balloons are also used. As the person jumps from the structure, the cord stretches and recoils when the jumper reaches the designated length. The bungee jumping adventure provides an adrenaline rush with the free-fall and rebound.


Bungee jumping is a popular sport but there is more demand for the sport than there are companies that offer bungee jumping. There are only about a dozen professional bungee jumping companies across the United States of America. That means due to the number of bungee jumping locations, most people will need to travel a considerable distance in order to jump with a professional bungee company. If there is currently not a location nearby and travelling is not a good option for you, we recommend searching for a theme park which offers something similar to the bungee jumping experience. You may also be interested in participating in another adventurous sport (such as skydiving) as locations may be more readily available.



Bungee Jumping Adventures did not find any business listings for bungee jumping in Nevada. You may be interested in visiting the locations in California, Idaho and Oregon. A complete list of states for bungee jumping can be found at the bottom of the page.

AJ Hackett was the only traditional bungee jumping location in Nevada and is currently out of business. There are other adventures in Las Vegas but these are not considered traditional bungee jumps. These options are the Stratosphere Hotel and Xtreme Zone at Circus Circus Adventure Dome. The Stratosphere Hotel offers a controlled freefall in a jumpsuit and harness from the 108th floor. Xtreme Zone is located indoors and uses a bungee trampoline. You wear a harness attached to elastic cords and vertical lift poles. These are not considered bungee jumps but they are the closest adventures to bungee jumping in Nevada.


Bungee Jumping in Nevada at AJ Hackett in Las Vegas (location is closed)


Bungee Jumping in Nevada – Compilation of Bungee Jumps at AJ Hackett in Las Vegas (location is closed)


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